Virtueda systems is a comprehensive IT solutions provider, offering everything from cyber security, network infrastructure and data centres to voice and data connectivity and a variety of customer support services.
With vast experience in delivering effective communication and in providing clients with a
business partner who can be relied on to stay ahead of the game, Virtueda is the ideal partner
to provide best of breed solutions to help grow your business.

Enterprise business demands a top level of skill from their partners, and Virtueda Systems delivers on this requirement with a highly skilled, partner certified and enterprise experienced team. This allows our team to work actively with experienced solution architects and customers in designing and implementing a solution relevant to the business needs.
Unique Service level agreements (SLAs), in line with customer compliance and corporate governance requirements are then provided to back up the implementation and provide peace of mind.

Small and Medium Enterprise’s (SME) are equally dependant on a strong IT infrastructure, but with the chief difference being that SMEs often need to acquire such infrastructure with a limited budget. It is for this reason that Virtueda Systems has developed offerings to provide this market with the type of skills normally reserved for big business, but at SME market prices. Virtueda Systems has access to a wide range of specialist skills to deliver to your needs, as well as bringing years of experience in the field to the table. For your business to succeed, you need to be making the right choices at the outset, based on your current and future business needs, in order to ensure that the technologies and solutions you implement are scalable and able to grow as your business does.

This is why your choice of service provider is so crucial, and this is why Virtueda Systems offers an end-to-end service in this space.

It is the company vision to be listed amongst the leaders of the information and communication technology industry of South Africa, through reliable, versatile and honest service. It is the company mission to improve end-user experience through service by:
• developing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients and partners
• providing outstanding client service
• providing cost effective and efficient solutions
• meeting clients requirements
• ensuring that our staff are educated and empowered to meet these requirements

Why Virtueda?

Specialisations: Advanced Networking (VLANs, QoS, Routing), IP telephony, unique convergence skills, virtualisation, storage.

Differentiators: In-house skills, end-to-end solutions, independent – representation of leading global brands supported by our service excellence, national footprint.

Products: We work with best of breed products, adhering to top industry standards.

Response Time: We respond to any of our clients within 24 hours with an effective 24/7 support

Proudly distributors of:

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