Cyber Security
Cyber Security Threat Prediction
Cyber Risks Management is the art of human-led analyses of security- and non-security related data from logical
and physical domains in order to research trends, discover anomalies, provide context, create relationships,
uncover hidden issues and to understand the financial, reputational and regulatory risk should the organisation
suffer a breach.

Cyber Threat Detection
Cyber Threat Detection provides visibility, context and insight on cyber threats and risks in the organisation
through intelligent driven analytics. Organisation are then able to use the delivered intelligence to proactively
mitigate the advanced threats and reduce the risk associated with dwell time.

Cyber Security Response
Security automation and orchestration tools are designed to improve the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
of security operations centres and the analysts who work in them. As the term suggests, these tools automate
routine, often time-consuming tasks, such as gathering and correlating data from disparate security systems, and
they help orchestrate the incident management and incident response lifecycles. In the process, they help
security teams address the staffing shortage; bring consistency, discipline and predictability to security operations
and help reduce the time it takes to detect and respond to incidents.

Cyber Threat Prevention
Cyber Threat Protection represents the foundation to any cyber defence strategy and incorporates the
enforcement components of the four security domains namely user security, network and infrastructure security,
data security and application security.
In order to take the right security measures, you need to understand where to direct your attention. Our solutions
allow you to conducting threat analysis to assess who the potential adversaries are (cyber criminals, competitors,
hacktivists, terrorists, etc.) and what damage a security compromise can cause will provide a full view of the
attack surface. By instituting threat hunting, advanced attack methods that would normally have circumvented
traditional standard security systems, would now be detected and prevented.

Managed Services
Managed Services – We assist clients to determine what their IT requirements are, how to plan their
Opex or Capex spend, how to understand the difference between core requirements and business
specific needs.
By delivering a holistic view of the customer’s entire IT strategy for a fixed monthly cost, we are able to not only
save customers’ money, but at the same time
provide them with business flexibility, ease of maintenance and simplified management.
• Full support service
• Asset management
• After-hours support
• SLA’s on all services
• Vendor management
• IT management
• Onsite resources
• Monitoring

Connectivity – The key to providing a successful connectivity solution lies in understanding the
customer’s business needs by conducting a complete assessment.
Once completed, Virtueda can recommend the best solution to suit both their business requirements and their
• Last mile
• Bandwidth
• Firewall
• Proxy
• WAN management
• Web filtering
• Failover

Networking – Virtueda delivers a complete product offering from networking through to storage and
virtualisation – thereby offering an end-to-end infrastructure solution.
Virtueda has built its reputation on reliability and the ability to deliver an end-to-end solution with a single point of
contact for the customer.
• Switching
• Network management
• Bandwidth optimisation
• Routing
• Firewall/IPS
• Wireless

Communication – Voice services are one of the singularly important requirements for any
organisation wishing to conduct business.
Virtueda will provide the correct product for your specific requirements for e.g. Lync or an Avaya call centre
• Least cost routing
• Lync
• Video conferencing
• Fax
• Call recording
• Call centres

Data Centre – Virtualisation of the data centre not only reduces the CAPEX costs associated with the
purchase of the physical infrastructure, it also has a positive impact on issues such as floor space,
power, heating and cooling.
With vast experience in this environment, Virtueda can craft the ideal data centre solution for organisations of all
• Storage
• Private cloud
• Core switches
• Blade servers/racks
• Offsite backups

Cloud – The opportunities presented by the cloud are vast for e.g. a company can have access to
systems on a pay-as-you-go model that includes remote storage, software licensing and infrastructure,
all at a fraction of the cost of a standard in-house implementation.
• Hosted exchange
• PaaS
• IaaS
• Web/domain hosting
• SharePoint
• Offsite backups
• Spam filtering
• Mail archiving
• Hosted desktop

Infrastructure – Virtueda has built its reputation on reliability and its ability to deliver an end-to-end
solution; such an offering also means that customers have a single point of contact.
What good is having the equipment without the correct infrastructure? Virtueda will handle this.
• Cabling/fibre
• Server room specs & builds
• Access control
• Aircon fitment
• Access flooring
• Rack installations
• Fire suppression
• Generators
• Environmental monitoring
• Cooling Units

Business Continuity – Virtueda offers clients business continuity combined with disaster recovery, so
there is no need for separate strategies for these two crucial elements.
Virtueda can offer customer’s seats in the business continuity centre, as well as providing offsite backups and
developing a strategy to assist the client in leading the business continuity process. Our business continuity
solution provides backup into the cloud instead of onto tape, as well as offering clients physical seats should
these be required.
• Seats
• Strategy
• Voice lines
• Data failover


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